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* - _ Tater Baby _ - *'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
* - _ Tater Baby _ - *

My name is Destinee Blevins but usually everyone calls me Tater Tot or D-Nay(only piffer calls me that). I go to SPHS and love it there!!! I'm sweet16 and am an outgoing kinda person... I am a Softball Fanatic!!! so if you love softball, you need to talk to me haha well I guess thats bout it, I LOVE PotO!!!
in sleep he sang to me
in dreams he came
that voice which calls to me
and speaks my name
And do I dream again?
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GAH. [Tuesday, 15th August 2006 ; 4:33pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

well school has started back...BLAH!
my schedule along with everyone elses in the whole frikin school seemed to be messed up
I finally got mine changed so here it goes::
Bio II
English 11
Advanced PE
wow what fun! I realized the other day I only have 2 more years and a lot of my friends are graduating this year... that is O'SO DEPRESSIVE! ahhhh
teacher left and we are lost w/o her. we have no teacher person to go to to gossip and get advice and alla that good stuff. she moved to TX that loser. we are thinkn bout takin a trip out there to see her... hopefully next summer we can that would be awesome

well I have also realized that driving is not really that fun at all. some people are idiots and cant drive. some smartass today at school threw sumthin at me when I was leavin.. I wanted to run over him but I had nowhere to hide the body and there were too many witnesses.

I hope this weekend I can go see Trail again. okay SAVANNAH ARWOOD, are you playin the lead the 18th or the 19th?? answer ASAP thanks.

well besides alla this good stuff... umm seriousness! a friend of mine is havin major problems with her chest so she had to go to the doctor today, please pray for her cause she is like my sister, no she IS my sister cause she has been there for me thru everything! appreciate it guys

much love♥♥
leave them comments, I would appreciate that too! lol

All I ask of you

[Thursday, 27th July 2006 ; 2:33pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

well im screwed the next 2-3 weeks::
aug 2 - I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out
aug 9 - I have to go back to the dermatologist
before we go back to school I have to have more blood work...

school starts the 10th, I have barely read over anything for PACE... im so screwed! they will probably kick me off the team..

tomorra I have to go to GC for a girl scout thing... then I dunno whats goin down.

I saw shabutizzle yesterday! for those of you who dont know who that is, its the wonderful piff! lol

well besides that right now im goin to walmart and then to my lesson then goin to work on the new house that we will hopefully be moved n2 over the next 2 months!!! im so excited I will be closer to GC so I can go see chels! lol

well thats it I gots to go finish gettin ready...

ya'll keep it fresh
much love*


All I ask of you

[Friday, 21st July 2006 ; 12:52pm]
Comment and I'll...
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.

If I do this for you, you must post this on yours.

well funfest was gonna be today... but cait's mom is sick and we cant go! Im kinda bummed out, a lot.... I wish my frikin car was here cause I would be gone in a flash!

hopefully I will get to see chels at trail the 19th. maybe she can drag tiffany with her! lol

besides that im goin to the movies next weekend with KB to see john tucker must die!!! im excited. I hope its funny

well guys that its just leave me a comment for the top thing.. cause I will definately answer it!!! specially you chelsea!
{ 8 } All I ask of you

woo [Monday, 17th July 2006 ; 10:16pm]
[ mood | confused ]

funfest friday and I am SOOOOO excited! I get to see Chelsea and Tiffany.. omg! I have missed them.. but chels the most!!!

August 19 - savannah is in trail of the lonesome pine and she will be playin the lead so ya'll so need to go.. I know I will be there and it is a great show!!! I know I will be there

and all this is keepin my mind busy so it wont wonder that much... but yet it still does!

I heart Chelsea!!!

much love*
leave sum love guys...

keep it Fresh!

{ 4 } All I ask of you

[Wednesday, 12th July 2006 ; 7:08pm]
ok thats all I needed to say...
ya'll be good

funfest the 21... im so stoked!!! woooooo
{ 4 } All I ask of you

[Friday, 30th June 2006 ; 11:15pm]
ok in case sum of you didnt know... chelsea theriault is my "girlfriend"(only playing guys not for real, I like guys with hott muscles! oh yeah) we met last year during governors school in the drama strand. we had to dance together, so she asked me to be her b/f. lmao
even tho she breaks up with me bout everyday and I broke up with her once for tiff(haha j/k chels) we have had sum fun times
she is one of the funniest ppl I have ever met, she makes me laugh no matter how im feeling
I hate that she lives in Gate City cause she is so far away but hopefully after I move we will be able to hang out more!!!

there you go chels... is that sweet enuff for you?! lol
I love and miss you the most chels!!! you know it.

much love guys... I just needed to do this cause she said I was mean. remember im only kiddin that we are b/f and g/f!!!

{ 14 } All I ask of you

GS IS OVER!!! [Friday, 30th June 2006 ; 10:33pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

well GS is finally over... a week ago I was looking foward to this day, now im sad about it
I kinda hate making new friends because they are always at another school so far away
all my friends at gate city I wont be able to see until next year or at football/any other sporting event and same with the others
I was sad because sum of the ppl I met in drama last year are now seniors and wont be back and it was o'so sad!
seeing chels leave was sad cause I will hopefully see her at funfest to see saving jane but who knows!!! same with tiff
julia I wont be able to see until we play JIB at football
but now I can drive so maybe we will be able to hang out.... hopefully!!!!
but one funny thing is I rode the bus with a girl from coeburn named hannah all 3 weeks and we never tlkd to each till today right before we left we are both really shy, understandable, I thought she just didnt wanna tlk to me!!! lol
and I know that I will probably get to see savannah aug 19(check me on that arwood.) where she is playing the lead in Trail! go you..

well thats bout it besides im kinda pissed at my parentals for not letting me go to the movies with a guy who is just a friend!!!!!! I dont get it
and then I couldnt go watch my good friend steph in her play that I have been promising her that I would go to... so mad

well I think that is it
GS ppl( to the ones I know ) I love you guys and I miss ya already!!! keep in touch

much love peeps*
keep it fresh

{ 2 } All I ask of you

.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. [Sunday, 25th June 2006 ; 10:20pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I know it has been awhile, been SO busy
Governors School is funn this year I have made like 4-6 new friends who are Great!!!
I have been goin thru sum crap with a friend and she has done better than I have
I am pitiful! thats all there is to it

I miss linz,emily,and kaylaB...shew
everybody else I have tlkd to ....

well thats all I have to say
if you ever wanna tlk to me im on myspace, just look me up

much love*

{ 2 } All I ask of you

hmmm... [Wednesday, 31st May 2006 ; 3:10pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

well its been a lil while since I updated last cause I have become a MySpace junky! so I might as well do it now:
ummm been SO busy lately, I had to go back to school to finish the annual which we finished today
*My cousin died late Friday morning so keep my family in your prayers, he had a 4 year old daughter and we dont know what it going to happen with her!!!

moment of randomness: OMG IM A JUNIOR!!!! sweet...sorta

my summer is gonna be so busy:
I start Governor's School in a few weeks... woo
I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out in july probably
I have Day Camp in July.... and im probably gonna play on a summer league hopefully
I have to work on my Gold Award project since I finally found sumthin to do!!! thats gonna be extra hard for me

I have made sum new friends over the past few weeks...new 8th graders but they are cool! I think I have lost sum old friends tho, I hate it I really do.
I have been writing stuff like crazy, new poems and phrases and things...I need a new notebook to keep that stuff in its really good stuff too
I am finally getting to drive by myself! its so great...
I saw the DaVinci Code monday...it was pretty good. thats the only thing I LOVE about summer is all the good movies and now I get to drive so more movies with more people!! haha


All I ask of you

update time [Wednesday, 10th May 2006 ; 11:05pm]
well here we go:
it has been a lil while
ummm n/m really has happened

Softball: its doin a WHOLE lot better, havin a lot more fun(LMAO), and gettin playin time

School: Almost over with NO sols for me, I only have to go half of the half day saturday!!! YESS

Friends: everybody is still all good

Love life: well complicated really! the guy I used to like likes sumbody I am really close to so I gave up on him finally... I think?! and I think I like sumbody else that I shouldnt like cause hes not the usual kind I go for but omg when he looks at me I like MELT!!! shew I have no idea why! but I think I like it

I cant wait for the weekend: saturday me and steph go to dixie stampede and SHOPPING!!! yes I will hopefully get to go to lil red rocket! LOVE that place

well I gtg to bed
ya'll be good!!!

I really want sum comments... cause I am heartbroken!!!
TaterTot #20
{ 5 } All I ask of you

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